Sunday, 25 April 2010

Love Donations

This fabulous fabric was recently received as a donation of 6 yards from my friend Emma (Thanks Emma).
I will be making a dress and a couple of bags from this fabric. Emma will also be receiving a clutch bag as a thank you to her wonderful generosity.


New Bag Shape

Currently working on a new bag and frame shape for the first time. Just praying for knowledge and wisdom to get it right the first time! Its going well so far. But while I design and sew away, feast your eyes on this.

Lace 2010

My sources (tv, internet and my eyes) tell me that lace is in this season. The 20s vintage style has been revamped and given a modern twists. Once again proving that fashion is on a never ending cycle and will inevitably repeat itself. I wonder what twist will be put on it in the next 80 years??

So of course I couldnt let the opportunity pass without releasing my own edit of the trend. Lace is in this season and everyone has jumped upon the frilly band wagon, As have I.

Presenting the Lace Mini Clutch by Wemi Designs.

Friday, 23 April 2010

New Bag Shape

Saw this bag shape on a blog and I just had to figure it out and re-create it. Took a while but I've utilized my God given ability and worked out all the kinks. I love it.

Let me know your opinions.


More New Fabric

Had to go back and get more fabric. Give my self and clients a wider choice. The picture dosen't do much justice to how bright these colours are, but when bags have been made, those pictures will be better,

Im off to experiment with different bag styles.


Extra Extra, Read all about it.

Picture taken with help of friend to roughly convey the size of the bag.

Unravel bow to expand the capacity of the bag!

Circular base enables more room and support.

Latest in. An expandable handbag created with the use of Ankara purchased recently as promised in earlier article. The hype surrounding this bag has begun and has been a compliment to my work. The first day I took it out, I received 3 orders.

Get in touch for more information and orders.

New Fabric!!!!

Took to the busy streets of London in search of beeeeeeeeeaaaauuuutiful Ankara fabric to continue my vibrant and vivacious collection. It was hard enough to find fabric in small quantities as Ankara is almost always sold in 6 yard measurements.

Thanks to God Almighty, I was able to find a man with connections with the manufacturers who was able to get Ankara in 1 meter measurements. Wonderful!

Only bought a few. Thought I'd try it out, get a feel for working with smaller pieces and see what I could create with what I had.

Results will be posted shortly!


Pleated Ankara Bag1

A first in the SC 2010. This bright clutch purse was made with Ankara (A printing style often associated with Nigeria and mostly manufactured in Nigeria. Other Nigerian fabrics include Adire, Asooke and Jacquard)

Feel free to message me with any enquires.

Spring Collection 2010

The Spring Collection 2010 will feature edits of this seasons trends such as floral prints and lace. A special attention will also be given to African Fabrics, simply because I love them.

This seasons collection will also feature bright and striking colours, often found in African fabrics. I will experiment with all sorts of colours, styles, trends and designs to create vibrant and vivacious pieces.

A division of the collection will offer exclusive bags made from a limited edition of fabrics with. Customers also have the option of choosing bespoke bag styles and fabrics.


The journey Begins!

After returning from Mozambique, where I was volunteering in an orphanage (1 of the best 3 weeks of my life) I had to bring back a part of it with me. Aside from the wonderful memories and pictures, I brought back some beautiful fabric. After deciding to get into bag making, I had to use some of the bright and special fabric gained from the wonderful, sunny and sticky city of Pemba. A little disappointed that I didnt invest in more fabric, but that just means the fabrics that I do have are all the more special.

Thus my first purse was made:

Thursday, 22 April 2010

1st Post

Greetings. Thought Id write a little about what I hope to do with the blog.

I aim to focus a great deal of my pieces around the theme of Africa. Incoporating fabrics and shapes from different countries and cultures within Africa as well as adding a western edit to my pieces.

1. Show case my work and invite people to comment and purchase.
2. Write about latest fashion trends and the tiwsts I hope to put on them.
3. Dedicate time to writing about other fashionistas and talent in the UK or abroad

I'll leave those 3 as my main topics and goals and take it from there.

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