Sunday, 25 April 2010

New Bag Shape

Currently working on a new bag and frame shape for the first time. Just praying for knowledge and wisdom to get it right the first time! Its going well so far. But while I design and sew away, feast your eyes on this.

Lace 2010

My sources (tv, internet and my eyes) tell me that lace is in this season. The 20s vintage style has been revamped and given a modern twists. Once again proving that fashion is on a never ending cycle and will inevitably repeat itself. I wonder what twist will be put on it in the next 80 years??

So of course I couldnt let the opportunity pass without releasing my own edit of the trend. Lace is in this season and everyone has jumped upon the frilly band wagon, As have I.

Presenting the Lace Mini Clutch by Wemi Designs.

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